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Dawn Hertz

1 week ago

Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: Top Class Chinese Food in Southbourne

There were a lot of reviews about Harmony Chinese Takeaway available on the internet, and to add further details about the takeaway restaurant, this particular post will provide the experience and feedbacks of individuals who traveled a long way just to order the foods of the restaurant, in short, patience and determined visitors from various areas.


We gathered their reviews and one said that the foods at Harmony were the best on Christmas Eve. Many families enjoy Chinese foods on such occasion and we found out that recommendations from different customers brought them to the restaurant to try it out. For those people, Christmas is not the same without the top quality Chinese food of Harmony Chinese Takeaway.


A certain review also explains how it was spotlessly clean at the takeaway and how they received a warm welcome from the staff. Most of them never imagined that Harmony follows high standards when it comes to their food. They were moved by how the staff always gives them a good chat because they never thought that taking their order would turn out into a meaningful conversation with different people.


There’s also this review that tells how kind the staff was. His friend was in a wheelchair that time and the staff did not think twice in helping them get into their car. They praised the excellent customer service of Harmony Chinese Takeaway. This takeaway has more than your favorite food but it also has a friendly mood inside with a polite and honest staff.


Reviews also reveal that the food was still hot even after they got home and the rich flavor was evident in each bite. “Delicious”, “very tasty”, “mouthwatering”, “it melts in your mouth” – these words were very common in any Harmony Chinese Takeaway food reviews.


Most customers who made those reviews about the takeaway restaurant promised to come back again, and they said that Harmony will be seeing a lot more of them because of its great food. With their recommendations to their family and friends, the restaurant is palpably getting more customers each day from different places.


4 weeks ago

Pacific Associates Limited Minato-ku Tokyo Japan, Recruiting in Tokyo is my life's work

I have been in the recruiting industry in Tokyo since graduating business-school at the end of the '80s. Growing up in Chicago in the '60s and high-school there in the '70s, the thought of moving to California and graduating from U.C. San Diego (Economics) would have seemed a dream. Leaving for London with a duffle-bag on graduation-day and never coming back certainly would have seemed the things of fantasy, but if one follows their heart good things can happen. Thus it was I arrived, in due-course, in Japan in 1985. The opportunities and dignity of the place have kept me here ever since.

The opportunity to help professional (people to whom career is vitally important) find a path to a better life via proactive career building is, in my opinion, an honorable undertaking. That it can be done in the elegant way of Japan, where each placement we do is 'hand-made' after intensive in-person discussion with our candidates and clients has led me to dedicate my life to this work. An important goal of mine has long been to be a master-craftsman in the art of recruiting. To this end I am still meeting candidates and clients to further develop my art.

K.K. Pacific Associates Limited

President, Paul A. Levine

President Bio & History

In 1998 I made the decision to move my own career forward from being a senior recruiter who happens to own a head-hunting company to being a full-time president who happens to be expert in recruiting. Though the difference may sound pedantic or rhetorical, the day-by-day reality is quite different. The bottom line is that from the time of making this transition, my company at that time Access Technology Japan, grew from roughly 10 staff to 189 with operations in four countries in the space of three years. Further evolving, in 2004 I changed my role to Chairman, appointing one of my long-term managers as President. This facilitated the sale of that company in 2007; the largest such deal in the Tokyo recruiting-market up to that point.

My goal then was to discover life beyond that of 12+hours days and enjoy the life of the early-retired. This allowed time with my family, work my limited abilities in photography, enjoy travel and compete more often in power-lifting.

Like a pleasant afternoon nap that comes to a refreshing end, my time in retirement came to a happy finish with my establishment of Pacific Associates Limited in 2010. Pacific Associates Limited (PAL) is established as a partnership rather than sole-proprietorship. The difference is huge: my current professional objective, beyond growing my skills as in pursuit of being a master-craftsman in recruiting, is to lead my partners to be presidents. As far as I know, in the Tokyo recruiting market there has not yet been a company dedicated to helping its staff to leave the company by becoming, first a partner and then president of a separate company.

Paul Levine's Profile

Paul Levine first visited Japan in 1985. He got an MBA at the University of San Diego and the California State University in 1989, and in the same year, came back to Japan to be a headhunter. In 1992, he established Access Technology Japan; the very first Japanese headhunting company specialized in the high-tech industry. He obtained a master's degree in business administration at Harvard University in 2007. He established K.K. Pacific Associates Limited in February 2010, and continues to expand the company to new heights every day.

He has been married with two children. He loves bourbon, photograph taking and weightlifting and his skills in both fields are semi-professional. He is still active in the weightlifting field, winning first prize at a tournament in Tokyo. He still works out twice a day, coached by Chuck Wilson, his friend for over 10 years.

His trademark white shirt, red tie and red suspenders have been prominent since 1995. "I meet different candidates in the same meeting room, dressed in the same clothes. Staying consistent really helps you to concentrate on the people you meet. As a professional in judging people, "I can understand an individual within about five minutes of speaking with them".

1 month ago

Heimdal Online Security - 15 Steps to Maximize your Financial Data Protection

We use computers to pay bills, shop online, chat and even keep in touch with friends on social media platforms. You might not realize it, but this makes us vulnerable.


Because we willingly broadcast over the Internet valuable details, such as our credit card information or bank account credentials – information usually needed by cyber criminals – we can never be too careful when securing our financial transactions or personal information.


A 2016 report from the PricewaterhouseCoopers indicates that cybercrime is the “2nd most reported economic crime, affecting 32% of organizations.” And the same study reveals another cause for concern, apart from the economic impact:


“The insidious nature of this threat is such that of the 56% who say they are not victims, many have likely been compromised without knowing it."


The data clearly shows that cybercrime affects individuals and global economic growth. Cyber-attacks on financial institutions or with financial consequences for users like you and me are putting financial assets at risk. Consequently, financial data protection should be a strong concern for anyone.


So is there a way to for our online activities to remain private and safe from cybercriminals? 

Read More About 15 Steps to Maximize your Financial Data Protection

4 months ago

Axia Consultants Writing Service Level Agreements

10 tips for writing better Service Level Agreements

1. Ensure all key terms are clearly defined eg SLA scope, customer and provider responsibilities, reporting, service expectations, performance indicators, escalation, remedies and penalties. Make sure you understand them. If you do not, or have queries – ask!

2. Include the option to change the SLA in the future. Businesses and technology change rapidly. So if the SLA is to remain relevant, it will need to be updated as required.

3. Include the provision for regular SLA reviews. Six-monthly would be ideal, but failing that - annually, to manage changing circumstances.

4. Make sure you have a ‘get-out’ clause. It is important to be able to terminate the SLA under certain conditions eg exceptionally poor performance, major problems, significant changes to services.

5. Include performance-monitoring criteria within the SLA. Plus, include automatic penalty credits for non-compliance of performance. Better to build this into the SLA from the start, than negotiate each time it occurs.

6. Writing the SLA should be a joint effort between customer user and IT staff and the service provider. Input and agreement from all is required. One party should not dictate or force SLA terms on the others!

7. Allow sufficient time to prepare, negotiate and agree, a comprehensive and relevant SLA. The quality of the SLA is improved by not rushing and taking more time, whatever the project time pressures.

8. Look out for exceptions within the SLA. Ensure you understand them and their potential impact on the overall SLA.

9. Look out for third party components within the SLA. Ideally, one service provider would provide the entire service. However, there may be input or reliance from other third parties. So check who is responsible for what, and whether it is included or excluded from the SLA.

10. Carefully review your SLA. Make sure it is easy to understand by all – even non-technical users. Does it cover everything? See our SLA Checklist. Does it meet your business and service requirements? Are you satisfied with it?

9 months ago

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2016 Honda Shadow Aero 750



The VT750 Shadow Aero is one of Honda’s most popular custom motorcycles on the road today. With classic styling from the spoked wheels, full fenders and chromed mufflers, the Shadow Custom Motorcycle offers breakthrough performance with a 745cc V-twin engine. It’s ten times the machine of most super-custom motorcycles without the huge price tag. Plus, it’s fuel efficient, too. Whether you’re on Main Street or the Interstate, you’re sure to turn heads with the VT750 Shadow Aero.


Want the ultimate bike for cruising? Then there’s nothing like the power from a big V-twin engine. The Shadow Custom Motorcycle offers a 7545cc powerplant with plenty of torque and a wide powerband. Then there’s the custom 2-into-2 exhaust system that flows into bullet-style mufflers. You’ll notice the difference in the sweet sound that’s classic V-twin cruiser. The VT750 Shadow Aero sounds and rides as good as it looks.


Settle into the comfortable, low-slung saddle at just 25.9 inches from the pavement, turn the ignition and set out for the open road. But no matter where your destination takes you, rest assured that the innovation of Honda engineering has you covered. The VT750 Shadow Aero sports a 296mm front disc for distinctly modern stopping power. After all, every rider knows the road can throw anything your way. Increase your confidence in any environment with Honda.

10 months ago

Mossack Fonseca Panama: Hub for Maritime Trade

November 20, 2015 ―The Judiciary of the Republic of Panama and the International Trademark Association (INTA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that sets forth a foundation for future cooperation between the two groups, and recognizes both the need for robust intellectual property (IP) systems in a rapidly changing and increasingly integrated global economy as well as the central role of Panama in international maritime trade.


Panama’s economy and infrastructure have driven its rapid rise in the areas of maritime trade and intellectual property protection.


Panama’s Economy


Panama has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, to wit:


•Over the past 10 years, Panama’s GDP has grown at an annual average rate of 7.8%.


•The IMF has projected Panama’s GDP growth at 6.1% and 6.4% for 2015 and 2016, respectively―far outpacing all countries of North and South America.


•Poverty levels in Panama have been reduced from 39.9% to 26.2% percent over the past decade.


Panama’s Infrastructure


•The Panama Canal is arguably the most important maritime waterway in the world, connecting North and South America and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.


•In 2016, the Panama Canal expansion project will be completed. The existing locks can handle cargo ships carrying up to 5,000 20-foot containers (TEUs). The expanded locks will handle megaships carrying up to 13,000 TEUs. The expanded canal will only bolster Panama’s role as an international business hub, and the canal’s annual revenue is projected to increase from $2.6 billion in 2014 to $6.2 billion by 2025.


•A vastly expanded, ultra-modern international airport with connections throughout the world.


•The world’s second largest free trade zone with670 multinational companies and over 100 international banks


Panama’s Maritime Trade and Intellectual Property Protection


Both INTA and the Panamanian government appreciate the impact of the Panama Canal expansion on global trade and the global trademark community. Transshipment and transit of goods through free trade zones and free ports contribute significantly to the trafficking of counterfeit goods, and eighty percent of the goods passing through the canal are goods in transit. The MOU will serve to develop cooperative activities in the field of trademarks and other related areas. INTA and the Judiciary have already begun organizing judicial training seminars. Other areas of future cooperation include:


•Development of collaborative projects related to trademarks, dispute settlement, trademark rights enforcement, and other related areas;


•Exchange of information, experiences and educational materials;


•Development of studies; and


•Organization of meetings and conferences.


“Panama plays a critically important role in the global economy and international maritime trade and this will only increase with the expansion of the Panama Canal,” said INTA President J. Scott Evans. “At the same time, Panama’s economy and middle class are growing. The INTA looks forward to working with the Judiciary to enhance its effectiveness for brand owners and consumers in Panama and around the world.”


The INTA released this micro-documentary video to explain the impact of the Panama Canal expansion on brand owners and consumers around the world.


Source: The International Trademark Association


1 year ago

The Hiring Guru Meir Ezra

Since releasing my book, The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret, I've spoken to many clients and business owners about the topic of hiring and retaining great people. One colleague I recently reviewed the subject with is Meir Ezra, a successful businessman and consultant, based in the Tampa, FL area.


Among his accomplishments, Ezra established and grew a company to $100 Million in revenues in just three years. He has a wide range of experience in many fields, is a successful inventor with several registered patents and has donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations.


Ezra intelligently pointed out that when it comes to hiring, many business owners overly concern themselves with finding what they refer to as "good people". He believes this is too broad of a general notion. Of course, it's important we work with good people, but in business, what we really need to have on our team are people who are productive, first and foremost.


Identifying candidates who will be productive on your team is critical to a successful hire and something I cover in Chapter 6: The Interview where I ask Has This Candidate Produced Results?

It is vital to check the candidate's ability to achieve results. Is the prospect able to translate his or her knowledge into definite results of value? You need to know about that person's earlier products. Then to effectively verify this, check references after the interview.


Another thing Meir Ezra emphasizes when it comes to hiring is how much responsibility there is on the employer to make sure the new hire is given everything they need to become a productive member of the team. This comes down to well-documented job responsibilities and effective training. Your new team member needs to understand not only what their job is, but exactly how to do it successfully. This needs to be drilled until they are competent and confident in their abilities. Furthermore, your new team member needs to understand the overall organizational structure, its purposes and goals and how they can best contribute to those ends.


Finally, like everyone in a successful organization, your new team member needs something to be measured by. Identifying the specific actions they are responsible for taking and what they need to produce is critical. This takes the guesswork out of productivity, giving your new hire and management the ability to quantify production.


Properly identifying successful candidates, training them, monitoring their statistics and optimizing production are areas I work on with many of my coaching clients on an ongoing basis. When all of these areas are carefully managed, the results are outstanding. Staff morale and retention increase dramatically and profitability is maximized.


I introduce how a standardized process can increase your results in this area in my free video series at


It's great getting input from successful businessmen like Meir Ezra and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. Please leave your own comments about hiring below, sharing things you've found effective or questions you may have. I read all the feedback I receive and respond as well.


1 year ago

Meir Ezra: Genius Tour – June 14, 2013

Meir Ezra WOWed all of us.  His presentation was filled with so many golden nuggets of information, splattered with exercises of both the mind and body, as well as some pretty funny dirty jokes in his rather strong and charming Israeli accent.  When he comes to town again (he LOVES Hawaii!!), please go.  [Update:  Meir will be teaching again on August 17 and 18 at the Hyatt Place.  To sign up, go to The Genius Tour and choose Hawaii.]


Here are the notes that I took from this intense 2 day seminar.  Most of them are stand alone ideas that deserve time to absorb:


What do you expect from the seminar? If you don’t know what you expect, how will you know that you arrived there? We must define what we want.


Essence of genius is simplicity. Know the definition of words.


A professional is one who thinks it is simple.


What is truth? Exact time, place, form and event. Does not contain continuation.  A Lie is the opposite time, place, form and event, and continues.


People are ethically good. We are the worst judge of ourselves, so when we do something bad, we feel bad. When we do something good, we feel good.


Must understand the mind – everything you deal with are minds.


How do you find a purpose, how do you find what your purpose is?  It is your Fuel of the soul.  What is your purpose?  Write down your purpose.  Look up the definition of purpose.


Ideas are conveyed by sentences.  Sentences are conveyed by words or symbols. If you do not understand the sentence it is because there is a word or words that you do not know in the sentence.  If you do not understand the sentences, you will not get the idea. Your IQ is defined by the number of WRONG words you know.  Increase the number of words that you do know, and you increase your IQ.


People become criminal because of the number of words that they don’t understand. A good man comes across a word or symbol that he does not understand, which causes confusion, which causes sins. Once you go past a misunderstood word without figuring out what it means, your understanding goes away. The more words you do not understand, the stupider you become. Learn definitions of words from the dictionary.


The first dictionary was written by Webster in order to empower people to understand words so they have power and cannot be cheated.


Ethics – ability of the individual to uphold the moral code.


Justice – when an individual violates the moral code, the group puts force to get the individual to be ethical.


Moral code – a set of standards, laws, or rules that we hold ourselves to, based on our own group consensus.


If you have a problem, look at all the data of the problem in order to find a solution. For a problem to be a problem, it must contain a lie.  If something becomes complex, it contains a lie.


Find the lie and you will solve the problem. Simple brings the result immediately. (Task:  change IX to 6 using just one continuous line *see solution at end).


1 year ago

Meir Ezra: Are You a Professional?

How you look, talk, write, act and work determines whether you are a professional or an amateur. Society does not emphasize the importance of professionalism, so people tend to believe that amateur work is normal. Many businesses accept less-than-good results.


Schools graduate students who cannot read. You can miss 15% of the driving-test answers and still get a driver license. "Just getting by" is an attitude many people accept. But it is the attitude of amateurs.


"Don't ever do anything as though you were an amateur.


"Anything you do, do it as a Professional to Professional standards.


"If you have the idea about anything you do that you just dabble in it, you will wind up with a dabble life. There'll be no satisfaction in it because there will be no real production you can be proud of.


"Develop the frame of mind that whatever you do, you are doing it as a professional and move up to professional standards in it.


"Never let it be said of you that you lived an amateur life.


"Professionals see situations and they handle what they see. They are not amateur dabblers.


"So learn this as a first lesson about life. The only successful beings in any field, including living itself, are those who have a professional viewpoint and make themselves and ARE professionals" — L. Ron Hubbard


1 year ago

Keeley Hammond: Group Account Director at Think Shift Consulting

Think Shift is an agency and consultancy focusing on brand, culture and leadership. They deliver brands that connect and communicate with audiences, cultures that establish more engaging workplaces and leadership that develop determined leaders and employees who inspire. The shift occurring in media, advertising and the way people interact with different brands has been understood by the firm and sees that clients needed more than a traditional or digital agency could provide. Today’s changing landscape is the reason why Think Shift was built.


They offer an impressive variety of services such as brand and marketing, business communication strategies, leadership training, corporate culture development, design, video, user experience and analytics, web and app development, advertising, social media strategy and public relations. Their outstanding professionals are always eager to help different organizations both inside and out.


Keeley Hammond is the group account director for the consulting services of Think Shift.

She administers and develops client relationships of the firm's consulting portfolio of accounts. She provides financial management of account revenue and profitability of the firm's consulting division, and strategic direction for the clients. She helps the clients to develop frameworks for increasing employee engagement and revenue. She's responsible for achieving positive results through web-based campaigns and programs, and delivers metrics on the overall quality of the relationship and the product provided to the accounts.


Furthermore, she promotes relationships with other account directors and account managers within the firm. She teaches and guides team members while encouraging and handling overall project teams. She identifies and executes best practices and brings overall development of the consulting services.


She attended Rochester Institute of Technology from 2006-2010 where she received her BFA with Honors. In 2011, she left her native home of Kansas City and moved to Portland, Oregon. She previously served as the marketing coordinator in Canada and territory business manager for LogiStyle.


She assisted clients develop both their internal leadership and their corporate culture throughout her three years in LogiStyle. LogiStyle's clients were small, rapidly growing companies, and making a genuine difference in these companies' stories was truly rewarding for her.


Keeley loves to collect stories from books, comics and campfire tales when she was a kid. Now that she's an adult, she has the opportunity to help companies, especially smaller companies, to accurately express their own stories to the world. She had the chance to speak with manufacturing engineers, salt mine workers, CFOs, and each of them has a different but equally fascinating story to tell. She feels fulfillment by knowing that she'll get to be a small part of that larger process.


She also enjoys exploring the mountains of the Columbia Gorge, and watching low budget horror movies.


Wonder what food Keeley gets her creativeness? Surprisingly, it is from a local dish in Rochester, NY, called a garbage plate. It is a mix of ground beef, macaroni salad, home fries and hot sauce. It is often served with a tiny plastic cup of meat grease for added flavor. She lived in Rochester for four years and her creative projects were entirely powered by garbage plates.